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HATFA provides a wide range of solutions in the online advertising space. Our focus has always been to innovate. And we don't mean this in a light sense either. We are aggressively developing technology that is unheard of anywhere else and combine it together with our knowledge of affiliate marketing to create a vast ray of robust tools or campaign for publishers to monetize on their traffic.

HATFA is breaking all the conventional and limiting ways of how people monetize their content nowadays and offer them a fresh perspective to how they can generate more revenue from their traffic while keeping the quality and the integrity of their site in tact.

5 Key Principles we Nourish

Vision is one of the most important aspects to success. It keeps our feet moving, our clients happy and encourages everyone to do better. Without a vision, there is no growth, inspiration or creativity.

To lead is to understand with whom you work with. We pay close attention to the expectations of the publisher & advertiser, finding the perfect point of harmony for both sides and lead the way so both parties become winners.

We’ve got our eyes open 24/7, 365 days a year to how the industry evolves. This keeps us at the very forefront of what we do. We always work from the perspective of you.

A good reputation is built on integrity, trust and honesty. These 3 crucial pillars are reflected upon how we maintain and build relationships with our publishers and advertisers.

Consistency is something that ties closely with all the other 4 key principles. Our ability to reflect upon ourselves and our partners keeps us and our clients progressing around the clock.


Our values encompass and transcend full compliance, transparency and protecting our clients. Affiliates are only paid for actual verified conversions that are instructed by the advertiser. This way, you get guaranteed quality of sales, leads, clicks and impressions.



Multiple, high quality distribution channels.

Error-free GEO Targeting.

All reports will be generated real-time. Track each click and impressions activity.

High volume and quality traffic distribution ensuring high quality fill rates.

Enjoy lower marketing cost.

We completes your branding circle.

Avoid expensive long term contracts.

Capturing the market through remarketing/retargeting.

All actions generated from our publishers are carefully monitored and all conversions must pass form the fraud filters. Your dedicated account manager will always stay in touch with you (no matter how far our time zones are) and keep a check on traffic for quality assurance.
We assuring you of our best attention at all time.


We appreciate your choice for choosing and being a part of Affiliate Program with HATFA Ad Agency. We believed in give & take policy. We offer you to earn more and more cash from your website, apps, content, email marketing, or search campaigns.
If you love your money , you’ll definitely going to love HATFA Ad Agency. Our publishers are our most valuable asset.



Hatfa pioneered concept of support through chat & email in global industry. We understand the importance of affiliates in our network.


We give you hundreds of offers to choose from, so that you can get higher return.We have segregated each offer depending on Country and Niche, to make it simpler for the Publisher at the time of choosing a particular campaign.


We provide you with real time reporting, with which, each publisher has access to view his/her commissions earned and conversion rate. The publisher can view leads, clicks, impressions and sales of his/her offers run, which is available 24*7.


We have built several tools to make publishers manual work easier. Easy API key features that helps you to import the complete offers from the Offer feed and much more are on the way.


Publisher payout is pretty straightforward and transparent. Premium publishers are partners who are currently earning $1000 p.m or more, have had excellent feedback from our advertisers and have been working with us for a minimum period of 3 months or more.

Payment Information

Hatfa.com is the most reliable network in the industry, and our payment history is impeccable. There is not one affiliate who has not been paid for their traffic. Our payment information is below:

All affiliates start on Monthly NET-15 terms.

Bi-weekly Threshold: $500.00 per week.

Weekly Threshold: $1,000.00 per week.

Wire Payment Threshold (FREE): $2,000.00

Wire Payment Fee (If under $2,000.00): $40.00

If you choose international wire as your payment method, you will be given the option to hold payment until $2,000.00+, where the fee will be free, or you will be able to request your funds if under $2,000.00 by accepting a $40.00 wire fee.




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